Kaleidoscope Art Studio

117 N. Garrard, Rantoul  *  Phone 217-351-1680   *  http://room200.com  *  Kathy Hughes, Teacher 





Tuesdays after school, 3:00 to 4:30 (early and late arrivals are welcome - small classes allow me to be very flexible)  

$10 per week

Please call before attending:  217 351-1680





Creativity Classes at Champaign's Hobby Lobby, Thursday Mornings 10:00 to Noon

Relax and create with like-minded free spirits!

Rediscover your inner child!

Just $10 per week

Read the articles below to learn more about the instructor


(More information about the Hobby Lobby classes in Champaign click here)


For questions, or to sign up, call or email Kathy:  351-1680, kathy@room200.com


Articles by Kathy, as published in The Active Boomers and Seniors:

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I'm Not Good Enough - Oh yes you are!

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New Year's Inspiration - A New Beginning

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