New Year's Revolution


You CAN Do It!!


  Thursday Morning Adult Creativity Class - New Students Welcome Any Time!



Bring your childlike sense of play and fun and come join the adult Creativity Class every Thursday morning 10:00-11:30.


Join a community of people creating all around you with words of encouragement and support! 


We meet in the Champaign Hobby Lobby classroom.  Kathy Hughes, creativity coach and art teacher, assists in whatever creative project you wish to try: drawing, painting, sketchbook/journal, scrapbooking, crochet. 


Bring a project that never got finished, try a new medium, learn to sketch, come doodle.  Come explore with us!


Leave all judgment home! Remember the old I cant draw a straight line?  Straight lines are highly overrated!  Come color outside of the lines with us! J  Enjoy a journey of discovery.


Materials lists vary depending on your interests.


Cost is $10.00 per session


Contact information:

Phone:  351-1680