New Year’s Revolution - I Will Be Creative!


Copyright 2009 by Kathy Hughes


You CAN do it!  By getting out of your own way you can allow your creative forces to emerge.  If you are reading this, there is a small voice inside urging you to try, urging you on.  Just try.  Don’t show anyone.  You do not need their approval.  Do this for YOU. 

First steps:

Get yourself something with paper in it – any kind of paper – plain, lined, a spiral notebook, a sketchbook, a coloring book (yes, you read that correctly!), basically anything portable.  Commit to a page a day. 

To begin:

Choose a time just for you.  Sit in a quiet place, preferably a spot you love.  Maybe by a window, a favorite chair, the kitchen table, just somewhere you can be YOU without interruptions.  Now, simply begin making marks on a page (if you are a writer, just begin writing…anything).  NO JUDGING.  NO INTERPRETING.  Just flow.  Play.  Doodle.  Write.  Draw.  Scribble.  It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you begin.  Your inner voice will take over.  Shut off the voices screaming in your head,  “You’re kidding, right?  Who told you that you could draw/write?  This is stupid!  Why am I doing this?”  Tell those quacky ducks to go away.  Keep listening.  Small peeps will emerge wanting to be born.  You will feel an inner warmth.  There is a peace, a joy.

 Okay.  No inner warmth?  No peeps?  No peace and joy?  If you give up, the quacky voices win.  They love to win.  They have won for way too long.  Silence them!  Stop making those faces!  I can see your crinkled nose and shaking head from here.  Your mind will believe whatever you tell it.  Personal growth comes from exploring and trying new things.  

Borrow a three or four-year-old and a box of crayons to help you begin if you like.  One of my favorite getting started exercises is scribbling.  Watch that three-year- old.  What is the first thing they do with a coloring book (or paper) and crayons?  They just start placing colors.  And they are usually smiling with glee when doing it.  And what are we doing?  Telling them to slow down and try to stay in the lines.  Hmmmm.  Let’s rethink this.  Who is the one gleeful and smiling?  We have been known to tell our kids and grandkids to “grow up!”  Well, I’m telling you to act like a kid!  Have some fun.  Catch yourself smiling. 

 Sign and date your work.  Make notes on it about your feelings.  Even add your grocery list if you want.  Be YOU.  Try not to take yourself so seriously.  Play around with different media.  Try pencil, pen, colored pencil, crayons, watercolors, anything you can put your hands on.

 I understand wanting to paint like daVinci and write like Shakespeare (or whoever your favorites are), but YOUR voice and images express what is in YOUR heart and soul.  Just show up at the page.  Open yourself to creativity.

Refinement comes when you relax, build confidence, and keep your sense of play alive. 

 Repeat after me, “I am creative.  I am creative.  I am creative.” 

  Kathy teaches non-judgmental art and creativity classes at the Kaleidoscope Art Studio in Rantoul on Tuesday mornings and at Hobby Lobby in Champaign on Thursday mornings.  Classes meet 10:00-11:30 and are $15 per class ($10 for seniors).  Kathy has taught art in the public schools for over 15 years and is a member of the Creativity Coaching Association.  For more information visit her website at, call her at 351-1680, or email