Strange Visitor from Another Planet!
Copyright 2009 by Kathy Hughes

Illustrations by students at Pathways School in Rantoul


Now that I have delightfully entered my second childhood (those who know me best question if I ever left “first childhood”), I find myself in a quandary: How do I describe myself and what I “do”? 

Just who am I (and who are you) without all of the labels? Every form you fill out wants a Mr., Mrs., Dr., married, single, children, occupation, address, etc, etc, etc. Is that who I am? In describing yourself, what do you say?

How about you get momentary amnesia and just BE? What if you had NO CLUE about anything except this very moment? Nothing to compare yourself to or with. Put yourself as a character in a movie and explore this time as a strange new wonder, or be a visitor from planet __________ (you get to fill in the blank).

Let’s see now, as this strange visitor from planet _______, everyone you encounter here on earth sees you as an amazing wonder, brilliant in every way. 

So, now you need a title or some way to tell or show the earthlings who you are. Now comes the fun! Invent who you want to be (you explorer and adventurer you). 

Did I mention this all comes free with art supplies!?!?!? You DO need to journal and draw your experiences. You will definitely make the front page of all the tabloids, especially if you have several heads and are a wild color. Morph into anything you desire. Personally, I think I want to be able to fly!

Are you feeling free? Do you have pictures in your mind? 

All of this imagining tells you something about yourself. You are more than a name, title and address. You are a spirit that is more than a visible form. Things you create come from deep within this spirit.

This holiday season, give yourself a gift basket of pens, markers, paints, crayons, paper, scissors, glue, journal, and keep it accessible. Call up your momentary amnesia whenever needed, and morph into brilliant, superhero you (from planet ________) and record your journey. 

Who are you? What is your title?