True Confessions

Truth be told, I had not planned on writing about creativity. Actually, I shuddered at the thought. Write? Me? I could not imagine that my ramblings would be of interest to others. 

My passion for creative freedom is real and it is growing. It scares me sometimes. Probably running through the mall screaming, “Anyone want to finger paint with me?” would get me strange looks (to say the least). 

When someone shows me something they have made, created, or drawn, I am totally and completely honest when I say, “It is wonderful!” Because it IS wonderful. Part of your soul and love is in everything you create, from chocolate chip cookies to an oil painting. 

I never see an object, I see a spirit, and THAT is what is wonderful. Look through to your soul. This is the true you, your true self. For me it is a complete honor to be near something being created. I know I’m sensitive. I cry viewing sunsets and Hallmark commercials. Cloud formations put me in awe. Beauty touches me deeply, and creating is pure beauty.

I see art in everything, and I am giddy and gleeful when I’m around people creating: splashing color, gluing paper, making quilts, coloring. Anything and everything! And, I am soaking in the creative energy and genius (yes, genius!) that is surrounding me, taking it all in and loving all I see. 

When you are creating with others, you “soak in” their joy as well as your own, and it grows and multiplies proportionately. It’s a science thing. Your energy and joy radiate out, and when those invisible rays mix with others they multiply. Oh how I love hearing creators bouncing ideas off of each other and being cheerleaders for everyone around them. It is renewing, inspiring.

Think of the last time you walked into a space and felt peace, happiness, positive energy or good “vibes.” What made you feel that way? The colors? The people? The event? Sounds? Smells? Indoors? Outdoors? What were the surroundings? Can you put your finger on just what about it felt good? This is an insight into your true self, your passion. Create from that feeling. Create for YOU.

Your mind and thoughts are powerful. If your inner voice chatter (are those quacky ducks back?) is saying, “I can’t” and “I don’t like it,” then that will become your truth. It is up to you. You have the power. You have the control. Create your energy. And, if you do it with a friend, or friends, that creative “glow” radiates out like concentric circles and multiplies. 

Pets count too. They love everything we do! Animals KNOW. If your dog or cat snuggles up next to you saying “I love you” you don’t question it. Why question what you create? It all comes from love.

Be passionate and let your light shine. All else will fall into place. And, by the way, it’s when you least feel like doing it, that you most need to do it! I am on a creative crusade to get you out of your head and into your heart. My dream is to help any way I can and then stay out of your way. Who keeps hiding my crayons?

Kathy teaches non-judgmental art and creativity classes at the Kaleidoscope Art Studio in Rantoul on Tuesday mornings and at Hobby Lobby in Champaign on Thursday mornings. Sessions meet 10:00-11:30 and are $10 per class. Kathy has taught art in the public schools for over 15 years and is a member of the Creativity Coaching Association. For more information (and to read past Active Seniors articles) visit her website at, call her at 351-1680, or email