The book that will help you make the finds that others are missing!                   

The Metal Detecting Manual

by Dan Hughes, Treasure Hunters Hall of Fame

Readers Write:

"Dan writes for people who don't like to read." - a comment from a reader of my first book.


"Pat yourself on the back, Dan, as your manual is the best, most detailed book I've ever read."

   Legendary Treasure Hunter Norman "Indy" Stiles - Ogden, Utah


I got sucked into your book last night--ignoring that I had something cooking in the oven that I was in charge of watching... I learned more about my pinpointer from you in the book that will be helpful to me tomorrow when I hunt (and about 100 other things in your book too, this is just one example!). I am really very glad someone on the Treasure Quest forum referred me to you and your book.

   Paula Sutton - Seattle, Washington


I just wanted to let you know that I have received your book (incredibly fast shipping by the way) and have read it cover to cover and am getting ready to read it again and again but slower this time. Thanks for writing such a good book on the subject. I have already been practicing some of your tips with my White's XLT and they seem to be paying off.

Your style of writing makes it fun reading and if I were you I wouldn't change a thing.  Keep up the good work and I hope you write some more metal detecting books.

  Rod Walton - Canby, O


Love your podcasts, so ordered your book. Received it Thursday afternoon, and had it read by Friday night. A wealth of information for any detectorist for sure. 

I'm really not much of a reader, but this book was very interesting, and I just couldn't seem to put it down, lol. Would recommend it to ANYBODY who is into metal detecting! GREAT JOB! My hat's off to ya.

     Laurel Varner - Mystic, Iowa


I just finished reading your book from cover to cover for the second time. I like your writing style. The book is an easy read with loads of good information and advice. Thanks for sharing your experiences. Regards,

   Charles Tomlin - Hampton, Georgia


The book came in today's mail and I spent the whole afternoon reading it. All I can say is "wow!" What a great book for a beginner like me! I have been thinking about getting a MD for awhile & finally started doing some research. I was truly disappointed at how little literature there is (at least in mainstream circles) and wondered how I would ever figure out what was right for me. 

Your book answered all my questions and then some. I now know what to look for in a MD and how to start using it. With my Internet research, I was leaning toward a Fisher & now I know that's the route I'll go. I am a person who thoroughly researches things before I jump in and your book was all I needed! All I need to do now is buy the machine & get started. Thanks to your book, I have what I need to get started with the right equipment & techniques!
Thanks so much,

     Lecia Elzig - Riverside, California


Your book will never make it to my attic. Also, for that matter, it is one book that will never leave my home because if I loan it out, I know that I will never see it again, like so many other books that I am waiting to be returned.

After reading the first page of this book on metal detecting you realize that you can't put the book down. It's really the Metal detecting Manual that should come with every detector.

The reason that it took me so long to write back is because on page 54 you briefly mentioned "Coin Hunting In Depth" by Dick Stout , published by White's Electronics. So I bought a copy of that. Yes, an excellent book like you said, but not as "crisp" as your writing style that is needed in a book about a subject like metal detecting. 

I also bought [...another popular treasure hunting book...] and it was a disappointment, never judge a book by its cover and too much information that I will never need.

You and I have a very similar past from college, real estate, teaching and writing. Not to forget chasing after a "dream."  One dream is achieved through metal detecting, the possibility of finding treasure. Our diversity of interests kept us on the path to where we stand at this time in our lives, that is retired but not ever enough time to finish everything we start because we always carry that dream.

Your book captures that dream and shows that it can be achieved with knowledge in a way that the other books miss because they were written like news articles and stay beholding to a manufacturer. Your "stories" put the reader there with you in the discovery where the "stories" in the other books keep the reader at a distance.

The reason why it is hard to put your book down is that crisp writing style that draws the reader in to an "idea" that cannot be set in type but encircles the paragraph with enhanced wisdom. You have that ability, Dan, and I don't believe that you realize it.

P.S. The illustration on page 48 is worth the price I paid for your book.

     Joseph Trusewicz - Astoria, Oregon


I have thoroughly read the book (in fact several times) and I wanted to tell you that I found it very helpful and enjoyable to read.  It offers so much more practical tips and information than the usual obvious stuff in other metal detecting books I have read in the past.

Some of the tips and information from your experiences has already paid off for me in the field.  I would recommend this book to anyone in the hobby, and I now consider it a "must read".

Thanks for writing it!

Jim Wilmott - Phillipsburg, NJ


Just wanted to let you know I finished The Metal Detecting Manual.  It was an excellent read. I loved every minute of it.

The information was absolutely great, and as you mentioned in your book, I will definitely be referring back to it from time to time. Its not something just to read once and put it away for good.

Your style of writing is unique, and certainly more interesting than an everyday
Western and Eastern Treasures article, which is my main source of reading most of the time. And while I enjoy that magazine 100%, I think your sense of humor was just a nice change from a normal book or article, and it really made the whole thing flow a lot better.

Thanks a lot!

      Kyle Askew - Delanson, NY


Hi Dan......Just finished reading The Metal Detecting Manual................WOW !!!!

I sure am glad I purchased this manual, I will now avoid making all the mistakes a novice would make starting out; not to mention getting 'burned out' on my first metal detection excursion or worse yet getting arrested for being somewhere I should not be...LOL.

When I purchased this 'manual' from you I have to admit that I thought, "I sure hope I can get through this 'manual' without falling asleep!"  I really did think it would be boring.....sorry, but we are talking a 'manual' here, LOL!   Was I ever wrong.......your manual is good reading and kept my interest throughout ! You made reading and learning from it fun and interesting. 

Thanks for all the information on metal detecting, but many thanks too for the websites, books referenced, and many other references which will be about time-saving for the new metal detector......this book saved years and years of just figuring out where to find the references for research, hopefully eliminating years of mistakes and errors that you have learned from, but becoming informed enough to go out and make this hobby fun and exciting.....Thanks to you Dan, a great book !

    Linda Rhoton - Plainfield, Indiana


Excellent manual, almost as hard to put down as my metal detector. It's to the point and complete with just enough personal stories and humor to keep it from being dry. I think every detectorist should have this manual in their arsenal.

     Frank Bonanno - Congers, New York


Hey Dan, I read your book cover to cover and must say the information is great. I especially like the segmented style you wrote this book in, it seems to make for easier reading.

This book is jam packed with information for every level of Metal Detectorist from beginner to well seasoned pro. I really like the fact that you don't talk down to anyone or try to dumb down your explanations of different things, or make them so complicated that one would need a degree to understand any of them.

All the what's, whens, where's, and why's are covered with good descriptions, with snippets from actual "first person" true stories that have happened to you or someone you know.

This book is not to be read once and shelved, but to be referenced over and over and at anytime that the information is needed.

A true asset to the Metal Detecting Community and a must read for all.

   Steve Sokolow - Harwinton, Connecticut


Thanks for a great job on your Metal Detecting Manual. I found it both informative and entertaining. 

As an Air Force Instructor Navigator and for four years an Operational Test Director, I have written, reviewed and edited many technical papers and lesson plans concerning Radar, Loran, Inertial guidance systems, etc.  

I wish could have done half as well as you have done with this Manual. I would highly recommend your book. I will have it with me for many months to come.
Major Dan Welborn, USAF Retired - Currie, North Carolina


Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much I enjoyed your book. As a newbie to the hobby I was impressed by how much pertinent information was offered, and I appreciated the concise format of your writing style.

You were straight and to the point and didn't spend too much time going off on tangents.

I read it cover to cover within 24 hours after receiving it and I still pick it up almost on a daily basis to reread parts of it.
     Steve Green


I have read many treasure hunting books, but I loved yours.
    Stephen Krasnoff - Bloomfield, New Jersey


Wow! I'm impressed. You seem to cover everything a new detector operator would ever want to see in print. This is a great collection of good information for any detector operator to have. Put me down for the 2nd edition once it's in print.

If you are a new detector user or an old-timer just getting back into detecting, this is an excellent source of good, contemporary information on all aspects of detecting. I highly recommend you purchase a copy of Dan's new metal detector book and read it cover to cover.
David Neuhaus - Madison, Wisconsin


Hello Mr. Hughes,

I received your manual this weekend and oh how I wish I would've had it before I started buying detectors.

Your manual is AMAZING! I reached chapter 13 last night. I didn't want to put it down. You are so on target with everything you've said .

I just wanted to thank you for responding so quickly and tell you how impressed I was with your manual. I've been collecting and investing in a lot of material and books lately and yours is by far the best I've come across.

Leta Patrick - Bolton, North Carolina


The Metal Detecting Manual arrived today! I quickly scanned it cover-to-cover and am VERY impressed. The text is just right for easy reading. The paper is of excellent quality and the cover is superb. It's enjoyable to read without getting overwhelmed with detail, yet the important information is there. I like the short concise paragraphs with the bold headings! 

Your personal approach makes for a nice familiarity with the author - something usually missing in the material I've read.

   Tinytec Inventor Fred Wagner - Vestal, New York


I have finished your book and I can honestly say that it is the most enjoyable book on metal detecting I have read.
I would recommend it to everyone.

Bryant Simko - Rocky River, OH


I bought a copy of your book last week. This manual is the kind of book I have been searching for at our library and bookstores, but I could never really find what I needed to know about metal detecting.  

So when I saw what your book was all about, I treated myself to it for my birthday.  I have learned so much already:-)  

I love all the tips on great places to hunt.  I would have never thought about them;-)  

I live in Florida, and my brothers live in Michigan.  I know they would really enjoy this book, so I’m buying another copy to send their way.  

I can’t wait until my brothers read the book and learn NOT to tune out way too much on their detectors, because they might be passing over the good stuff! 

Thanks for the great read!  Lots of info I didn’t know about this fun hobby!
    Molly Bergman, SW Florida


Hi Dan, Loved the book. Read it the day it came, lent it to person I work with who is borrowing my detector when he goes on vacation, and am lending it to second person who is borrowing one of my detectors when he goes on vacation. I will read it again when he's done.

I found it very informative, without it being so technical I couldn't understand it. I like the way you put things, and well- your sense of humor is much more mainstream and unoffensive than mine. ( at least according to my wife LOL) I thoroughly enjoyed it, and learned a lot.

I would be very interested in hearing about any other books you may have, or gonna write in the future.     



I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to write this manual. It was a wonderful read and very informative. I am a fairly new to the metal detecting world but find it fits my personality perfectly. My dad is 71 years young and I got him interested in this hobby. He is the one who actually purchased the book and then lent it to me, but before I could read it, he purchased another and told me I needed to keep the book because he found it so useful and knew I would too. I am telling you all this just to let you know that your book is excellent. Again thank you and I hope you are having a lot of good hunting days.

Kind regards,
Mark Glenn


I enjoy your podcasts and have your book "The Metal Detecting Manual". I think I've read it about 14 times so far and seem to learn something on every re-read. Thanks for all your contributions to our hobby.         


I found your book to be very valuable, well written, very informative, and I enjoyed your sense of humor. It made the book more personable than some of the others that I have read. If someone could only have one book on metal detecting, yours would be a smart choice for sure.

Clinton Herbert
Cottonwood, AZ


It's a great book, I reread it about every 3-6 months, and I heartily recommend it to anyone interested in the hobby. Of all the books I've bought and read, I would say I got the most from Dan's. ( I am not a paid endorser.) (LOL)

Arthur, Pepperell, MA


Yesterday I received my copy of Dan Hughes' new book, The Metal Detecting Manual, and I haven't been able to put it down.

Filled to the covers with tales of treasures lost and found, tips on where and how to hunt, personal anecdotes, and useful historical information; this book is a wonderful reference volume for any metal detecting enthusiast. 
Aaron Marcy,


And this is the transcription of an anonymous call left on my answering machine:

Hey Dan, it's one of your admirers down in Georgia.  When you gonna publish a new book here, on treasure huntin'?  I've done read the metal detectin' manual about twenty times.  I figger you might be comin' out with somethin' new. 

If you do, man, we'd sure like to get a copy of it....I guarantee it'll sell, cause you're a very good writer...your manuals are very real world, they're not like some of that gentleman in Texas that makes metal detectors.  His books are just one long commercial for his product.

But anyway, I sure enjoy your book.  I'm getting ready to pass it on to my grandson, let him read it, you know, I'm sure....he's in tenth grade, he'll get something out of it that I missed.  Young people normally do.  We appreciate it, Dan.  Bye bye.

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