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The Metal Detecting Manual

by Dan Hughes, Treasure Hunters Hall of Fame

          About the Author         

I've been metal detecting since 1973, and I was voted into the Treasure Hunters' Hall of Fame in 1999.  

I've written for several treasure magazines, and I've served as Associate Editor of Treasure Quest magazine.  

I retired in 2007 after 26 years as a college broadcast instructor and general manager of a college radio station.  

I'm a Purdue grad with a degree in Broadcasting.  I also hold a master's degree in technology, and an FCC First Class Radiotelephone Operator's License (well, held, since broadcast licenses are now obsolete).  

I'm a licensed ham radio operator (N9XDK), an old-time radio actor, an adult slowpitch softball fanatic, and a sixties music quasi-expert.  

Besides my treasure hunting book, I've written manuals on being a radio DJ, managing adult softball teams, setting up a web site for your old high school graduating class, purchasing web space and your own URL to set up your own ad-free web site at minimal cost.  (All at Dan Hughes Books)

I do free biweekly podcasts on treasure hunting and softball, and a weekly old-time radio show.  And I have a pretty spiffy personal website.

So why can't I keep any friends?  

Oops, sorry, wrong forum.


I'm easy to reach.  Click my email link, or write me at 1707 W. Park Ave, Champaign IL 61821, or call me at 217-351-1680 (but please, not after 9 pm Central time - we're a couple of old-time early-to-bed, early-to-rise folks).

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