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Adult Slowpitch Softball

by Dan Hughes


Softball Articles by Dan Hughes

Setting Your Batting Order - Softball vs Baseball

Solo Batting Practice - Hitting from the Wrong End of the Field 

 Batting Without the Freak - How does the hot-bat ban affect your hitting?

Old Bats and New - Why it's past time to retire Old Betsy

Simple Fielding Tips - One rule for infielders, and one rule for outfielders 

More Fielding Tips - Playing the Infield

More Fielding Tips - Playing the Outfield

Solo Pitching Practice - How to set up your own backyard practice alley for about two dollars 

Tips for the Newbie Pitcher - What to work on first, in both offense and defense

Pitching From 56 Feet - How it affects both the batter and the pitcher

Setting up a Team Web Site - Four Ways to Do It

In the Softball Corner - A Biweekly Podcast (Internet Radio) Series on All Things Softball


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